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Trevor Lamson professional picture.  We are excited to commence operations and will be recruiting and connecting to the best clients and staff available.

Trevor Lamson

Chief Marketing Officer

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Gil Briscoe professional picture, providing Human Resources support to the 3D printing start-up.

Gil Briscoe

Chief Administration Officer

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About Us

Formed in Edmonton, Alberta Canada, Nyx 3D is proud to be working with some of the most creative and innovative minds in Western Canada.Β  Our team believes in the future of 3D printing and are committed to helping promote technology in business and the future through initiatives such as Maker Space, Schools and other youth orientated learning institutions and courses.Β Β 

Nyx 3D excels as a technology company living in a marketing world.Β  Our goals are lofty, but our origins are humble.Β  3D printing has been a passion of our team for years, we are ready to share our products and expertise as path to our own goals.Β  Nyx 3D is ambitiously pursuing some of the furthest reaches of 3D technologies while starting out as an online filament vendor and printing services shop ready to make your project, scaled and 3 dimensional, physical, or digital.


To facilitate creative problem solving using trusted environmental solutions that are economically and socially viable.Β 


Become an anchor in the Canadian 3D printing market, enabling more Canadians access and means to build and grow their dreams.Β 

Canadian supplier of 3D printing filament, supporting STEM, ideas, creativity and inspiration.  Helping girls, women and all minds young or old learn and grow with 3D printing.

Canadian Design & Creativity

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the NYX team via our Contact Us page.

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The Story of Nyx (Greek). Mother of Gods.

It was only through the darkness of night that daylight found its way,

"In Hesiods's Theology, Nyx (Night) is born of Chaos.Β  With Erebus (Darkness), Nyx gives birth to Aether (Brightness) and Hemera (Day)."

~ Wikipedia

View of sun rising as inspiration for the story of Nyx, mother of gods in ancient Greek mythology.